Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I treat and value all my clients greatly and equally…these Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure this whilst informing you of your rights, as well as mine.

Thank you for taking the time to read in full before booking.





Alicia Rose [“Alicia”] and yourself [“Client”] hereby acknowledge that the following Standard Terms and Conditions are incorporated in and make a part of the Agreement between the parties hereto.

This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

By accepting these terms and conditions, Client acknowledge that they are at least eighteen years of age, or the legal age to form a binding contract within Clients legal jurisdiction.


Client wishes to engage Alicia Rose and Alicia accepts the engagement to hereby:

(a) Provide the Services to the Client and

(b) Produce Digital Photographs supplied via a link to download the JPG file/s


The Client agrees to pay the full amount [Fee] of their booking to Alicia. All amounts payable under this Agreement are inclusive of GST.

Full Payment of the Fee is required prior to Clients session unless agreed upon prior by Alicia and the Client. Clients full payment Fee serves to reserve Alicia’s time and ensures she will not advertise this time as available to any other prospective Clients.

Online card payment is available for all bookings. All card payments are processed by SQUARE. Should Client wish to pay by an alternative method like cash or bank transfer, they are asked to secure an appointment online without processing payment and Alicia will send an invoice with the appropriate details to be paid within 24 hours.

Client understands that an appointment time will only be held for 24 hours if full payment (the Fee) is not received at the time of booking either through Alicia or Online. Once the Fee is received and necessary Photography and Model contracts are signed and returned, Clients appointment is then confirmed.

All additional costs such as permits to photograph in national parks or on beaches that require permits, if any, are the responsibility of and must be paid for by the Client. It is the Clients responsibility to arrange bookings and payments (if necessary) for locations, this is important especially in case of rain (e.g. hotel foyers, private premises etc.)


Client and Alicia are welcome to reschedule an appointment without penalty. Client may reschedule via the online Booking method or by contacting Alicia directly: alicia@aliciarose.com


All cancellations within 30 days of Clients shoot will incur a 50% penalty of the Fee, which will be retained by Alicia. To avoid a penalty, Client must cancel more than 30 days in advance.

Cancellations within 7 days of the shoot will require retaining your Fee (full payment).


Alicia may waive the cancellation fee at her own discretion. Alicia may require a reschedule in the event of circumstances such as family emergency, if Alicia or Client is unwell (contagious) or if weather conditions on the day are poor.


Alicia asserts all moral rights attached to the photographs and with the exception of cropping, Client does not have the right to edit, change, add to, take from, alter or otherwise amend the photographs without prior written approval by Alicia.

Client acknowledges that Alicia owns all right, title and interest in and to the Images and that Client has no right to use any of them outside the express terms of this agreement.

Any uses of the final retouched images are for Clients private, domestic and personal use only. Client may submit images for social media use, publicity, casting directories, websites, magazines, and blogs, however a credit to Alicia Rose as the Photographer must be given visible in the form of either a social media handle or direct website link. Correct photographic credit is @alicia__rose__ for Instagram and www.aliciarose.com for a website link.

Money paid to Alicia includes a fee for the grant of a licence in the terms of this paragraph. The licence arises only after Client has paid Alicia the money due under this agreement. The licence is personal, irrevocable, non-transferable and non-sub-licensable. Any sale or commercial use of images by Client must have written approval by Alicia.


Alicia has developed a distinct artistic style and representation of her Photographic work, for which she is renowned. Alicia cannot modify her style at Client request. Please review Alicia's work at www.aliciarose.com to confirm that this aesthetic suits Clients needs before proceeding with this booking. Alicia will provide an accurate representation as to Clients appearance and self-expression on the day.

All appointments will start and end as scheduled.

Depending on the session Client books there will be a minimum of 1 retouched image delivered. A retouched Image is limited to correcting minor blemishes, reducing lines, evening skin tones, and grading colours.


Photoshoots largely take place outdoors or in a public area making use of natural light. Sessions booked for Ettalong Beach may also be shot at Alicia’s indoor studio in the case of inclement weather. Client may be photographed indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions on the day, as well as Client and Alicia’s own preferences.

Any of Clients personal items brought to the Photoshoot are their own responsibility. Alicia will not take responsibility for any forgotten, stolen or damaged items.

Each booking will run for the allocated time scheduled for your Session, regardless of the timing of Clients arrival. For example, if Client arrives 10 minutes late and are not able to start on time, the Photoshoot will only allow for 50 more minutes.

Hair and makeup services will not be provided for the Client but is recommended in order to receive the photographs that Client may desire. If necessary, all grooming requirements should be completed prior to arriving at your Photoshoot.


The Clients’ order of any package of photography services includes the purchase of the final edited photographic images in connection with the photography services provided to Client for their Session. Client will receive the minimum number of images based on their purchased package.

Within 5 days of Clients Session they will be emailed a link to a private online gallery of image proofs where Client will select their favourite shot/s. Alicia will then retouch this selection in accordance with the amount of final images offered in their booked package and deliver the final image/s by email within 10 days of this date. Final delivery of image/s will be supplied as high-resolution jpeg files for client to download via an emailed link.

At no stage will RAW files be delivered.

For up to 3 months from the date of Clients photoshoot they may request additional retouched images for $50 per photo from this Session. Alicia will keep the RAW files of Clients favourite gallery images for 6 months.


Alicia shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements that are beyond Alicia’s control include interruption of this service due to public social events, Acts of God, faulty material, equipment failure or damage or loss of digital files.

In the case of digital file loss, Alicia and Client agree that the liability of Alicia Rose shall be limited to a full refund of any money paid under this agreement, which shall be in full & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.


Alicia collects and retains personal information about Client such as name, address, billing information and other information related to Alicia’s services. Client agrees that their personal information will be used by relevant third party service providers who work with Alicia. Third party service providers include but are not limited to contractors such as makeup artists, Internet hosts such as the Online Booking Calendar, and ‘Square’ payment processing that allow Alicia to provide her services.

These Terms and Conditions may be varied at any time, with or without notice to Client, at Alicia’s sole discretion. The Client accepts that these must be read in conjunction with the current Terms and Conditions available at: www.aliciarose.com linked on both the ‘bookings’ and ‘prices’ pages. These terms and conditions apply to all previous, current and future Clients.

The Alicia Rose business and website (www.aliciarose.com) are owned and operated by Alicia Rose- ABN 36957211272.